Get the most out of your video

Everybody loves a plan. Well so do we. In fact we're experts at making them come together.
We use video to simplify your message and improve your communications.
First of all we create video productions - creative scripting, shooting, editing, graphics, music etc - for clients all over the world. We use cutting edge technology to deliver the great production quality and creativity that underpins all our work.

But we don’t stop there. We can help you define who you're trying to reach, create a strategy to reach them, and then of course, deliver creative video solutions that engage and connect. We have many years of experience within Video Strategy, in and around the US, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

ITS delivers solutions both to brands looking to revitalize an existing video offering and to those just starting out with video. We're constantly developing and refining our techniques in order to improve the reach and breadth of our services, and we pass this knowledge on to our clients via our video production consultancy program. We concentrate on key messages to create stunning and powerful communications. For more information on Video Strategy for your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at ITS today.

Improving the presentation of your business, with video is a key marketing tool and we have the resources and conections to make it happen.

Production Benefits

Any video production company can create a video and embed it on your website, but getting your video playing on major travel sites is more challenging as they don’t take individual video links from outside companies. As ITS has been supplying over 2,000 HD videos to these top travel sites for many years now, we have been continue to negotiating new agreements with new travel sites to take our video library. able to obtain agreements to stream video on the top travel sites. Our distribution ability is constantly expanding as we are continually reaching for new opportunities to place your videos. Interactive Travel Solutions provides access to our video library of stock shots to improve the content of the video we create for you. Utilize our experienced production team which has produced over 2,000 streaming travel videos. Easy updating: we update the video on our servers and all websites which are linking to the video are automatically updated. Create two version of your video: One with logo and another without for resellers. You have the option to update and add improvements to your video, etc.

Technology Benefits

Global Video Hosting: To ensure fast loading, high res HD video we store your video on hundreds of servers around the world. The Videos I.T.S provides are in 3 Formats: Flash-YouTube, Quicktime for Apple iphone, ipads and HTML5 for browser chrome, etc. I.T.S provides four different resolutions according to the speed of the broadband user playing better resolutions. I.T.S Maintains updated hotel information on the mentioned travel sites. We guarantee the best video playback with the goal of full screen, uninterrupted presentation. Technology Upgrades: Your video is re-encoded frequently to take advantages of newest play back software 100% reliable global video hosting